Our History

The Stock Exchange Bank of Caldwell, the oldest banking institution in Caldwell today and the oldest Sumner county bank, received a state charter on November 12, 1881, and opened on the following December 24. The stone building erected to house the bank in 1881 at a cost of $5,000 still is in use, but had undergone several remodeling projects. The steer head emblem has always been associated with the bank, which has been allied with the cattle business of the Southwest since its beginning. The first officers were Major A. Drumm, president; Charles H. Moore, cashier; and John W. Nyce, assistant cashier. In 1911 M. N. Overall, nephew of Messrs. Moore and Nyce, purchased the bank, along with Dr. I. T. Gabbert. Mr. Overall was president until his death in 1941 and was succeeded by his son Charles G. Overall until his death in 1981. Gage Overall followed his father and holds the post today as Chairman and CEO.

The Bank has a colorful history being founded on the Chisholm Trail and also with Caldwell being a starting point for the opening of Cherokee Strip. The Cherokee Strip Livestock Association was housed on the second floor of the bank building. At one time in the Banks early days, it had over $100,000 in silver dollars in one vault to pay off the Indian allotments as the Indians would not accept paper money.

Today, the Bank has grown through triumph and adversity with its roots planted in agriculture, but growing through providing excellent service, products, and technology. More than 130 years as four generations of continued family ownership, The Stock Exchange Bank remains dedicated to the communities they serve.